Location/place: GWALIOR

Name of company/service: SAMSUNG

I purchased SAMSUNG Wave 525 model GT-S5253 on 25.12.2011 from Gwalior (MP). The IMEI no is 359020/04/278583/7.
First I purchased the mobile with respect of your brand name of your company. After 40 days of purchasing I faced the problem of charging in the same Handset. I know this is the Electronic item and technical problem is genuine in the same. The handset was repaired by your service centre M/S Vimal Electronics 43, Sri Ram colony Gwalior on 08.02.2012. The claim no was 4126767186.
Again in the month of May I faced the same problem of charging in the same handset. On 23rd of May 2012 I went to your same Service Centre M/S Vimal Electronics 43, Sri Ram colony Gwalior to confirm the problem of charging that was since the purchasing of Handset. I am very surprised to the behavior of that service centre employee regarding the same matter. He was claiming that the handset is repaired outside and the charging point is broken, so company does not repair the same. When I confirm him to give the same in written that the mobile has repaired outside he denies giving the same and he has given the Estimate of Rs.2691 for the repairing of the mobile. The claim no is 4131876672 for date 23.05.2012.
The charging problem I faced two times in 4 months of purchasing the mobile of your company SAMSUNG. First thing when I have the facility of Service centre should I go to repair outside, is it the common sense of your Engineer. Second I am facing the same problem since the purchase of Handset so this is the Technical problem and may be production or manufacturing defect of your company which I do not pay at any cost.
In This matter I really felt very negative in against of your company and the behavior of your service centre M/S Vimal Electronics 43, Sri Ram colony Gwalior.
I will appreciate the urgent action regarding the same complaint to replace of the Handset as there is production or manufacturing defect in the handset.

It is very pathetic that everyday I received the call from SAMSUNG and every body I have to tell the same story but there is no solution for the complaint. As per your authorized service Centre M/S Vimal Electronics 43, Sri Ram colony Gwalior the handset is out of warranty because of the reason the Mobile is tempered

Tilak Goyal
Email: [email protected]
Contact no: 9893443499,

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