Location/place: DELHI/NCR

Name of company/service: AIRTEL DTH

Dear Service Team,

I’m very sorry to say that since last few days “my queries are being transferred to one bucket to another”…. I receive lots of calls from various numbers asking about “sir, may I talk to Manish, calling from AIRTEL, has your problem been resolved?”…what a bullshit !!!! How come a problem be resolved unless and until AIRTEL gives better service..Surprised to know that AIRTEL doesn’t have a common database from where then can refer the concern prior to calling to customer….

Some body says ”problem is in your set top box, replace it , pay Rs.750, you problem will resolved positively”, “somebody says don’t replace your set top box as there is no technical problem with it, it’s a simple migration problem”. You may refer your calling record towards my number – 9811857586 since last 3 months

In simple one liner, Whatever is going on its totally against the consumer rights. I’m paying money but not viewing the channels…

On 11th Jun’2012, I added one game ”Road Racer”, but till today I haven’t used it because error code”04”..

My simple question is if there is a problem in my set top box, why other channels are coming without any interrupt?? For few channels (where error code is ”SM1”) set top box has problem…its totally not digest able…

Now a day’s I’m feeling that this is out of your scope and there is no positive willingness to resolve my concerns…Hence, pls give your senior authority number & mail ID….or give a deadline to reach at resolution…

It’s already 3 months delay query……

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