Service Denial

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: Logicstat International Pvt Ltd

A strange policy of company – for all out of warranty products -Voltage Stabilizer for AC – Logicstat International P Ltd does not provide home service EVEN after the customer is willing to pay for such service at home. the Logic they give is that what since they have limited service capabilities and therefore, if they start providing door service to all customers whose products have become out of warranty, their customers with in warranty would get neglected. This was response from their Nehru Place Office – 011-26485071. When I requested them to pass on line to some senior person the lady responded that none of senior person is available for handliing complaints and they have other important jobs to handle. What jobs can be more important then satisfying a customer?

Can they be compelled to give door serv ice on paymnet for all out of guarantee products ?

Otherwise, I don’t have time to remove stabilizer from AC and then take it to their service center, this would mean one full day off>>>>

Further, pls publicise that no one shud buy Logicstat products as they dont bother after guarantee is over..

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