Service center broke my car and asking me to pay for it.

complaint regarding:
Jai Auto Skoda Service Centre.
Address: Sarita Vihar Metro Station, A-10 co-operative ind. Near, Mathura Rd, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Saidabad, New Delhi, Delhi 110044
Phone: 011 4587 7777

Hi Team,

I have booked my car for repairs at Jai Auto service Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate on 11th July. Issue with the car was related to clutch and Break noise only. My car was delievered to me on 21st July. I was told that problem have been resolved. Clutch was serviced and break pads and discs were replaced. I paid 20000 rupees for the services. After a day I noticed the issues was still the same and more issues were added to my car, suspension issue, power window switch issue. Break issue was still there for which I gave them 9000-11000 rupees. I have called several times on their customer care number 1800 123 090909 and even written to National Customer Care Head ([email protected]), but nothing was done.

When I went to service station I was told I need to pay another 30000 to get the issue resolved and they wont do anything to get this issue resolved and I can go anywhere, but I need to pay another 30000 to get my car running again.

Service agent was Manish and Sushil both of them ruined my car and told me to pay to get my car back in running condition. I had word with Their manager Ritesh and he said the same to pay another 30000.I dont want my car to be serviced again by them as they will break my car again and they have done to many in the past.

Pleas look into this and help me in getting my money back along with the money that I need to pay to get my car running again.

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