Serious Issue With Reliance Customer Care & Reliance Company

Location/place: Secundrabad

Name of company/service: Reliance Broad band

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is regarding a serious issue with my internet connection and also land line of Reliance. I took it in the month of March, initially they have charged me approximately Rs. 550 for a combo offer which includes land line and broadband connection. And starting from 1 week itself i had connectivity issues and i called numerous time to get the problem rectified. And i never got a permanent solution rather they give a temporary resolution always.

Recently on 18 June 2012 i have given a call to reliance and i really had a disgusting customer service experience.

1st Person :
Representative Name : A Nanda Kumar

He asked me for basic details and i gave him all the details that are required with utmost patience. And then asked him why my internet and phone not working and he says that i did not pay the bill and because of which the services has been deactivated or barred. And i asked him few questions for which i did not receive a proper response. Then i asked for a supervisor and the immediate response was “my supervisor is on a break” which i normally expect from any customer service representative. And i was insisted him for many times regarding supervisor however he is not ready to transfer and moreover i really got a very rude answer from him. And he closed call by his normal closing script and he never disconnected the call nor I. After 20 Minutes he again lifts the call and asks me “Why you did not disconnect the call?”. I have informed that i need to speak to a supervisor. So finally he transfers to a Supervisor.

2nd Person:
Supervisor Name : Sajan

He used all empathy & Sympathy phrases to make me calm down and he took all the details and registered a complaint and gave me a ticket # 181373911 said that it will be rectified soon with in 24 hours. And when i asked him for explanation in a e-mail regarding previous representative’s rude behavior Sajan gave me a verbal apology and requested me not me make a big issue as it is his Bread & Butter and gave me an assurance that this will not be repeated. I said ok to it and finally disconnected the call after almost 1 hour.

Again today i.e 20 June 2012 i have given a call

3rd Person:
Representative Name : Some X

Asked him what is the status of the ticket that was raised earlier and he said that the previous ticket is not closed and will raise it again. It really blew away my mind and my patience level reached saturation point and i immediately wanted a supervisor to address the issue. Again the same story got repeated which happened on 18 June 2012. After a wait of 15 minutes the representative transferred the call to a supervisor.

2nd Person:
Supervisor Name: Murali

When i asked the reason for why problem was not fixed then i get a striker from this supervisor that there is a problem in the location where i stay and it might take around 3 more working days to get the problem fixed or it might take more as well. Then i understood that what ever the explanation that i got from previous persons that i spoke with was absolutely wrong. So i finally decided that i will not use your services and asked the supervisor to terminate my services for broadband and keep the phone connection alive and he says that for land line is Rs. 250 minimum that you need to pay. where in i got information from Sajan that there is Rs. 99 package as well for land lines.

I got much frustrated when i thought that there might be many customers like me who are suffering.

So i request you to look in to it and would like to have response from you for the action taken.

Dhanunjai. A

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