Series 4 , Faulty Plasma LCD TV of 42” size

Location/place: DELHI



The President & CEO South West Asia
& President & CEO India
Samsung India Electronics Limited
Tower” C” 2nd/3rd/4th Floor, Vipultech Square,
Golf Course Road
Haryana 122002

Kind Attention: Mr Jung Soo Chin & Mr Ravinder Zutshi

Subject: Series 4 , Faulty Plasma LCD TV of 42” size

Dear Sir(s),

I would like to draw your kind attention on behalf of my Client Mr Navin Kumar Hasija.

1)My Client, Shri Navin Kumar Hasija, had bought a Samsung Plasma LCD TV of size 42” as a Corporate Procurement directly from Samsung India Electronics Pvt Limited Vide Invoice No R6690 against Order No 1975520.
2)The referred set was Invoiced on 02.03.2009 & was installed subsequently.

My Client’s submission is as follows:
1) The set delivered to him was initially not appropriate.
2) The On Off Switch stopped functioning within two months & that this was not complained to Samsung.
3) Necessary Vertical Lines( Two in parallel) were reported verbally to the Service Engineer at the time of Installation but was told that this was not a Defect.
4) These vertical Lines reported earlier, Gradually started becoming brighter & darker resulting in distorted viewing & have been there for more than 2.5 Years.
5) Since my Client has multiple LCD’s/TV in the House they have hardly used the Samsung Plasma.
6) Actually My Client had decided for a SONY set initially, but decided on Samsung as was told that the Quality & Service is better.
7) My Client had brought the defect to the Notice of Samsung Initially & that the Casual Approach by the Company resulted in aggravation of Defect.

8) My client has Complained to the Highest Authorities in SAMSUNG INDIA vide the Mails Dated 2nd Jan 2012 , 3rd January 2012, 05th Jan 2012 & 08th Jan 2012 seeking amicable resolution of the Problem.

9) My Client permitted visit of Samsung Engineer, on request by Ms Maya from Samsung Corporate & that the Service Engineer, Mr Braham Dev Singh, Engineer to visit & inspect the said Set & It has been VERBALLY confirmed that the Fault lies with the LCD PANEL & that this needs to be replaced. My client was not given anything in writing. No Call report was raised & that this was confirmed Verbally. Though this defect was reported by my Client at the time of Installation but the Engineer told Verbally that this will diminish over a period of time. This VERBAL approach resulted in non documentation of a serious problem resulting in non serious attitude by SAMSUNG. 1 of 2

10) My client fails to Understand why Samsung is not Owning this Defect though SAMSUNG is amongst the TOP most BRANDS & Leaders in Producing PANELS has delivered a defective product.

11) My client has requested Samsung to take back the set for R&D and carry out the Reverse Engineering to get too the root cause of the problem & provide an Alternate on Free of Cost basis.

12) My client has received a letter Dated 6th Jan 2012,from SAMSUNG, Okhla Office confirming a Discount of 50% & that a mail from Mr Ravinder Zutshi to this effect.

13) This Notice is served for immediate resolution on Free of Cost Basis & that Failure to provide will force us to seek justice legally & matter will be escalated through the Consumer Forum & Media.

Reply may be sent to me at my undernoted address within Four Weeks of receipt of this notice.

Copy of notice has been kept on my record for necessary filing in the Court of Law.

Yours Faithfully

011-25555115, 09811270684,09958309912

CC: Shri Navin Kumar Hasija

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