sending bills without using any services of Airtel.

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Airtel

The mail i have sent to the airtel people and still its been a month now they just useless people i have ever faced. in shot words they are keep sending us the bills without giving us the services.
Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to express my strongest regret and displeasure known to you through this email.

The issue that has infuriated me is the attitude of your staff in addressing a genuine problem being faced by me and I find myself being ‘fleeced’ with no solution in sight.

I had, in what has to be ranked as one of the most unfortunate decisions of my life, opted for your wireless connection. It is been over 2 months now and the service is yet to be functional.

However, the ‘prompt service’ that your company provides, it has not bothered even to install the modem that I had asked for the connection to start working, it is religiously sending me bills for the services, that I am, funnily yet to start availing.

I even, in vain tried to get in touch with everyone possible who mattered in this regard but to no avail.

Thus, before approaching the law of the land, I thought of giving it a final try and thought of writing to you one last time, hence this mailer to you.

For the record my account number is 7005548054, and you guys have slapped me with an invoice amounting to Rs. 2490.02 without me actually availing your services.

I give myself a weeks’ time to hear from you. After that I will construe that you guys are simply not interested in solving this issue, perhaps may be for the miniscule amount, smaller clients like me be damned, After that I will exercise my right to an alternate course of action without any regret, having the satisfaction of having given all my efforts to have this issue resolved, but to no avail, of course!

I have enclosed the latest copy of the invoice for your kind consideration in case you bother to have a look (Jesus, I am still hoping that you guys will come to my aid!).

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