selling products at more than maximum retail prices

Location/place: Tehri Garhwal

Name of company/service: Retail

I went to Tehri Garhwal and in almost all the placed the Soft drinks from Coca Cola and Pepsi are being sold at more than MRPs. when I asked them why they selling like this some say its the referigeration charges (electricity bills), some say we are small retailers and this is the cost we get therefore we selling on more than MRP.

Also when I argue with them that both selling and buying things at more than MRP are illigal, they simply denied to sell the product to me. they dont even provide the reciept of bill.

so either this is the fault of these companies who can not make sure at what price the product are being sold to consumers or its the retailers.

Product: Pepsi 2 Ltr. MRP 63 Rs given to me at 70 Rs.

Packaged Water 1 ltr. MRP 15 rs given to me at 20 Rs.

Fanta 1 ltr. MRP 29 Rs given to me at 30 Rs.

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