Selling Cold drink Higher price than MRP

Location/place: Narharpur,Kanker

Name of company/service: Cocacola

Dear Sir,
This is Partha sarathi Behura a social worker in Narharpur Block of District Kanker (C.G). Today that is 8/6/2012 I went Pardeshi Hotel in Narharpur block of District Kanker (Chhatisgarh) And buy a Maaza (Cold Drink)of 200 ml whose actual MRP was Rs-10 But the hotel owner force me to pay Rs-15.When i refuse to pay he told me that company told him to sell it in Rs-15, go and do what ever you want to do even lodge complain against me nobody could do any things to me.Even lodge a complain in Police station i will Handel it. Then i asked near by people they told me many items in this hotel sell in a higher price than that of MRP.People from villages always pay a higher price to these people.Corruption is started from here I don,t know how to minimized it.There is a long debate going on in our country about corrupt money/Black money
.But the internal system is so weak that i don’t know how to proceed. Please take some step or suggest me what to do?
Address of Hotel
Hotel Perdeshi

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