Selling Black tickets

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Theatres

This is with deep regret that i am forced to write this complaint on the theatres operating in Hyderabad. I am staying in Ameerpet and i often watch movies from theatres like Vijetha, Gokul, Sriramulu, Satyam etc.

I have noticed that whenever i go to theatres to book tickets, theatres sell movie tickets in black. One day, the black agents pushed us from queue and took around 30 tickets initially. Later, they were selling the tickets at huge rates from 150-200Rs per ticket to the public.
And the ppl who are standing in queue are fools to come early and stand in the queue for 30 min. This is ridiculous, if directors and producers are focussing on stopping Piracy of their movies, the industry must also take active measures to stop selling tickets in black. This is because the extra money earned is just shared between the agents and police officials. Recently, i spotted 2 policemen also watching movie wearing uniform. The theatre officials also have a tie up with policemen, and later after the movie, i saw the policemen going in their patrol vehicle.

I would like to bring forward to you another incident, in Vijetha, i was standing in line (approx around 10 ppl in front of me). And the moment my turn came, they shut the counter stating that the tickets are sold out. And after 15 min, i spotted some agents were shouting 150-150. This should be clearly dealt with, and the public also has to be informed abt the matter. After waiting in queue for around half to one hour, the theatre officials always dissapoint us. This is my humble request that the theatre officials and police hve become good business partners and this should not be entertained further.


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