Location/place: TRIANDRUM

Name of company/service: OM PACKERS

subject-security issues and fraud in transportation.

Sir, I would like highlight and to expose a route to sneak in dangerous materials into high security zones with the connivance and greed of road transporters and to alert the authorities against a possible danger to the internal security of our country.THIS IS A SERIOUSMATTER
There is a racket run by transporters which I became aware of through an experience of mine that I had recently, involving VSSC which was shocking to me and rang alarm bells regarding many security issues.

I booked a full truck from Navi Mumbai to Trivandrum through OM Packers and Movers, Koper Kharne, Navi Mumbai and was promised delivery within 5 days. My goods were loaded as a full truck load into a lorry which was insured for transit loss and damages. After repeated calls due to non delivery at Trivandrum I was informed by OM Packers Mumbai Manager that the lorry hit a motor cyclist and there is a delay due to this. Finally the goods reached after 12 days but to my surprise it was in another truck no MH 04BU 7584, not the one insured for. However when unloading progressed I found a big crate under my goods. When I confronted the driver as to why he was carrying unauthorised goods in the truck which was on a door to door delivery basis and asked for the papers the real truth came out. My goods were unloaded at Vashi, Navi Mumbai and kept in a warehouse for 5 days. Thereafter it was loaded into a truck which was first loaded with a huge crate carrying some machinery ? from L & T to VSSC at Trivandrum. I could get all these details from the papers the driver showed me on threat of calling the police. The Kerala Commercial tax dept e consignment declaration at Amaravila CT check post under token no. 320000/2011-12/60895 dt 18/7/2011 shows 2 consignments . First consignment under consigner TIN 27850300132 shows L&T to VSSC Tvm showing a container of value Rs 8,79,700.00 and another consignment of Krishna Muralidhar of household goods of nil value ( not for sale). I wonder how possibly sensitive items of a defense related organisation could be transported in this suspicious manner and who is the culprit in this fraud. . I do not know if the ISO certification of the transporters shown in the site etc is a fake because though the site carries an office address at Trivandrum OM Movers Manager did not give any contact details even when I demanded for the same nor I found anybody representing that office. Apart from the blatent fraud committed on me both in terms of breach of trust and loss ( lot of my goods were damaged in the transit unloading and loading and getting wet in the rains, apart from the delay) I also am worried about national security being compromised for the greed of such rapacious, unscrupulous transporters who would go to any extent to make a fast buck. I feel L & T who possibly booked the goods and VSSC should look into the matter and take necessary action to not only safeguard the consignements but also considering the sensitivity of VSSC being a high security defense organisation from a national security point of view. Moreover such unscrupulous fraudsters should be dealt with in an exemplary manner. Below a huge pile of household goods anything could be hidden and transported which could be very dangerous in the present scenario.

I trust you will give due publicity so that greedy transporters will not in the interest of making a fast buck get opportunities to compromise the security interests of the country. The authorities should be forced to investigate and initiate necessary action to avoid untoward events bringing loss and security risk to our country when already we are seeing bomb blasts and other terrorist activities in various parts of the country. A consignment surreptiously sneaked into a high security zone in this manner possibly doctored on the way where it is open to all types of manipulations could pose major threats to sensitive installations in the country which are already in the hit list of terrorist .PLEASE HELP ME IN GETTING JUSTICE AND THE SECURITY OF THE NATION IS SAFEGUARDED FROM THIS UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUDSTERSAND GREEDY TRANSPORTERS Regards

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