Sciegra Consultancy fake company

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Sciegra Consultancy

Recently Kolkata has been targeted by companies from other states, like Orissa/Bihar/Jharkhand. They come up in Kolkata open up their branches in Kolkata. Make tie-ups with some Kolkata registered companies and make false commitments to candidates. One such name is Sciegra Consultancy- Office at Reshmi Complex, 3rd Floor, EP Block, Salt Lake Sector V.

Their portfolio..

1. They have a tie-up with SAP. (This means they can only use the IDES of the SAP server, that may be acquired from SAP by paying a fees. Many companies offer these to developers for free ). They will say that they have access to SAP online repository.

2. The will call you for an interview. If your domain is FICO, they will say you that they have openings for other functions. And you have to undergo a training in that module. The training period will be of 1-3 months.

3. The training fees will have to be paid by you ranging 30000-50000 INR. And after training they will absorb you in their ongoing project.

The truth revealation.

1. SAP do not recognize any trainings from any un-authorised channel partners. See link(

2. You cannot have an implementation experience/knowledge in 1-3 months. An implementation covers 1-5 years according to company/organization structure.

3. It is very difficult not impossible for an individual to track a source and file suits against a company that has registration in other states.

4. A SAP consultancy company has some general hiring rules that must adhere to government rules. These are very finely inspected by a client company when they hire services from SAP implementation company.

5. Learn from SAP authorized education partners. SAP education is funded by some banks. This information is available with SAP education partners. You can take a loan and pay the course-fees. And this will be an investment that will surely bring returns.

6. You have be passionate learning and working in SAP. Initial two years are the most crucial. Plan everything and work on that plan. Register at SAP Community Network and get information from experienced/fresher SAP consultant.

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