Scaming for money fraud online form filling job company

Hello Sir, I saw the advertisement of a company called M. B india service on one day job search site, which stated that this company gives an online form filling job in which 1500 forms have to be filled in 10 days and in 10 days, if we workcamplit I will pay the company 30000. I liked the offer and joined me, then I received a phone call from a woman named Shruti and she asked me to send the photo of my Aadhar card and I expected Aadhaar card photo and then she said that you will get a verification call. You must say that you want work and you will get the work and I have spoken on the verification call and there was a mail mailed to my user id and password. Then, I clicked on the website that came in the mail and started the work but after 400 filling the form, the page was not open next to the site, and due to this, I have not been able to complete the payment and now the company has come here with a payment INTIMATION and it was written that if you have to complete the work, then you pay 9000 rupees and you will get 7 days time or you can make 4900 payment and file your cloning. I can tell all this about a woman named Nisha, and she told me that if you do not pay by 1 p.m then you will be issued a notice and then you have to pay up to 40000. When I did the search after searching on Google about that company, then I came to know that it is a fraud company who, after giving the work to the people, issued a wrong QC report and takes money from them and threatens to do the case. And Sir, the woman named Shruti was called by her number 7387964158 and today the number of the Nisha name she called was – 7046013611

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