Location/place: Pimpri, Pune

Name of company/service: Corporation Bank / Master Card

I am a saving a/c holder with corporation bank for the last 1 year. I have got 2 accounts with the pimpri branch of corporation. I do all my transactions over the internet and had made a reservation with IRCTC for railway and GOIBIBO for a bus travel. Due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t travel and had to cancel my tickets. The IRCTC reservation was cancelled on the 7th May and was about to get a refund of Rs.412/- and now its well over a month and I haven’t still got my refund.I have a reference number from IRCTC that they have sent the money to me in 48hrs but my bank (CORPORATION BANK) is not in a mood to credit that money to my account and wants to use that money under the PRETEXT of REFUND POLICY. I am sure the amount is with the bank but has not interest to credit that money to my account as they tend to use it. If my calculation is not wrong the sum of all refunds would be in lakhs and the bank is happy to use it fooling the customer. This is not it i was supposed to get a refund of Rs.1440/- from IBIBO on the 9th June and that money is still not in my account. Its the same case again, IBIBO has given be all the required details and guarantee that the money is sent back to my master card but as usual corportion bank/ Master card is trending towards the same thing again. Its enough of it now and you guys cannot fool customers any more and use there money for your benefits.I am also going to send a copy of this to RBI so that they can intervene and put corporation bank under the scanner and help public from this scam.

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