SBI credit card payment

I would like to inform you that I have credit card of SBI. At the time of applying card I was told by sbi that I shall be charged annual fees only in the first year and there after it shall be life time free and no annual renewal fees shall be applicable to me.

I am surprised to know that the annual fees of Rs 5899 plus has been charged as annual renewal fee, which is absolutely unjustified and a unilateral decision of sbi credit card management, I am please be very clear that I am not liable to pay this amount therefore I should not be treated as defaulter and my records with CIBIL should not be spoiled as well no penalty should further be debited,
because what you have charged is not at all applicable to me.

Under the circumstance I request you to kindly cancel and block my credit card number 4377-4865-7911-9395 and add on card number 4032-5064-9909-5297 with immediate effect and refund my debit amount.

I have already marked this email to consumer court and further going to file online complaint against SBI on Consumer cort online complaint registration portal if the chares are not reversed.
Request you to see the matter on priority
Thanking you
Mukesh Gope


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