SBI Credit Card Hidden Cost

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: SBI Credit Card

I feel delighted to get mail response on payment of Rs 550.40 , out of nowhere, where the card was asked to be terminated well before the due date.

i consider this as cheating the customer where:

1. Not keeping the probable customer aware of such hidden cost.
Why i was not informed at the time of getting form filled that there such levies?
Its really strange that you people still hold such policy of charging customers back in this manner,
where there are other leading brands in the market where there are no such hidden cost of annual fee.

2. When i spoke to the call center executive , i specifically asked , will i have to pay the money even after card termination.
The answer of the executive been “NO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY”. (please check the recording of the call, if you have access!!??)
If the call executive (your company representative)says NO then why i have been send this letter.
Either there is unclarity in company operations or this is the one additional way to earn profit money.

Kindly Clarify.

Ref Number : MQ0101730048454

NOTE: In the letter i received , it mentiones you can send us an email at [email protected]
If you send an email to them The email will return back to your address as non delivery.

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