Samsung Galaxy- Defective Product

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Samsung

I am “also” a customer of Samsung electronics and a owner of highly popular Samsung Galaxy-Y phone series. I purchased the phone April 8, 2012 and it was working fine for another 7 months. The first problem I received in my device was network connection failure(SIM card not getting connected although detected). I restarted it once and worked fine.
The first service was just a software upgrade and it worked fine for a period of 5 days.
The second and subsequent services, I got no definitive answer either from customer care representatives or senior management.
I got assurances from their team that device will be replaced after the 4th failure but no subsequent action and failure to “RESPECT” me.

I am fed up pursuing them and wasting my time on going to customer care.

This is my 2nd instance and all my colleagues/friends who own the same device have got the same problems.
Is it a device defect or Samsung is just masking these defective products in their highly successful smartphone market?

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