Samsung Fridge, glass equipment manufacturing stopped by Samsung

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Samsung Fridge

I am resident of BHEL, hyderabad, we bought samsung refrigrator in 2004

Model – samsung bio fresh icool
Model code:RT23AVMS/XTL

Problem :
Cooling is not happening from this summer ( May 2011 ) so given compliant @ Samsung Customer care and compliant # 8420002636, they took two days to come, technician informed that glass heater part has to be replaced and updated that he will come back, but no one has turned-up upto 15 days, again when I called cust care, they informed that samsung has stopped manufacturing glass heater equipment, and reply from stores manager ( manager name will be disclosed upon request) ” nothing can be done please thorw the fridge in dustbin, samsung fridge life is only 5 years” this is answer I got from the stores.

Samsung spares are not available for older models?
Is samsung communicating to the customer that while purchasing the
What is the solution for my fridge??

Some one from stores advised me to get the part from outside and give a
try, Samsung will not repair my fridge as part is not available. He also
said that samsung is manufacturing its spares only for models less than
3 years from date manufacturing the model.

I want samsung to look into this asap.

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