samsung- a company with big name but worst service and products

Location/place: srinagar

Name of company/service: samsung

i just bought a new samsung 32 inch tv..(lcd 32d580) …its not even two months tat i hav used it…i get a problem of black screen..means i can hear d sound but can’t see anything on the tv…i called the customer care people and lodged a complaint…it was under warranty…the service center responded after few days…they told panel and pcb are not working…parts are not available…i hav been waiting since 5 days….and when ever i call they put me on hold and everytime a different persons picks up the phone…and it goes to square one…so friends plz dont trust this company and its products….i m still sufferening…the hard earned money u put in to buy such costly products and in two months u see them at service center..the worst of experiences of my life

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