Samsung 3, 65 cr Prize money for my mobile numbet 8309370834 UK

I got a mail stating that my mobile number 918309370834 won Samsung prize money of 3. 65 cr. Initially I got doubt and kept quiet. Again they send me one more mail n message on my phone on the same. I just approached Samsung customer’s care they directed to approach the foriegn diplomat John Jobi by giving his email. Later I put this diplomat n he responded to send my details on a document which was forwarded by him. Later I had little trust. After few days a lady kavita Sharma stating that working at FED Reserve Bank of India Delhi called me and asked me to deposit 11500 INR in one account so that they release the prize money of 93 lakh 18000. With little hope on their press I deposited rd 11500. This transaction even I was talking the said diplomat. After sometime they send me one more document telling it has gone to Income tax dept and if I pay 173000 I will get tax code so that the prize money is released. Then I felt doubt enquired all about this lady n the Income tax dept in Delhi. So the lady switched off her number n no whereabouts of diplomat. Later I got a call from guy Weliam Lee from Hongkong stating he I’d Samsung Asia in charge informed that I ‘ve won the prize its true. He talked to UK OFFICE and told that nothing to be paid. They are preparing Master card international to withdraw. He was communicating daily over the develop. nets. After few days he sent model of Master card with 2 options of withdrawals. I. If u want to withdraw 8 lakh 40000 you ‘ve to deposit 4, 85000 2. for 15 lakh 65000 you ‘ve to deposit 8, 38000. I can send all the mails n information I got. Opted for option 1.
Next day I got rush a cal froom Lee l asked me to deposit 5000 pounds coming about 4 lakh something. I immediately told what non sense it was thousands and u r asking lakhs. Then he told it was typr mistake. He was talking me on my wapp number.
Please guide me my intention is to catch hold them. All are escaped now.

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