Location/place: Sultan puri, Delhi 110086

Name of company/service: samsung

I purchased a phone with the model number of Samsung’s 7562. He walks very slowly and Touch screen handset works slow. Samsung service center, J and I often get phone’ve been missed but right now she does not.04.19.2013 22 days have elapsed since the date of the service center is set. And is not his problem solution.When I spoke to members of the service center mai Service Center can not cut so dizzy Give me back my money, he loses the money back I will not let you do that.He banished me from saying it, please take action against them and got my money back from them. Their address is -lakshya tech solution ltd sukh lal market, pitampura. my work order no. is 7511729. The third time the phone is deposit there. No my phone. Is -9,268,440,728, 9,250,448,646.

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