salary on hold

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: HDFC bank

I am Kanchan Sharma and I have a salary account opened in may 2012 with HDFC bank by my company as i got the job after 2 years, on July 4th when i Got my salary i was not able to withdraw the funds, the funds were available in the account but was on hold by the credit card dept. i have a credit card account as well for which i was making the payments and i also paid 14000 in April as per the discussion by the credit card collections department in the 1st week of April but still without my permission and authorization they put hold on my salary and not ready to release the funds and now when i spoke with the HDFC credit card dept they said that they cannot release this fund as they have to debit the funds for the credit card … i have only this salary though which i pay my rent and other debts as well.I have other liabilities as well and have do not have any other source of income, they are not ready to release the fund please help me as iam facing lots of issues because of this …

credit card number : 4346781102727864
Bank account number : 00441050529441

waiting for the reply..

Kanchan sharma

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  1. 8 years ago

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