salary not paid

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: linguamart,iickl

.Lingua Mart and his owner Mr.Jk Singh is a complete fraud. guys u r translators and working with him on free lance basis.I worked there for 3 years as an employee and when i left the organization bcoz of some personal reasons He ate my one and a half months salary…I know about all of u .and i have details of others also whom he did not pay .Many employees were thrown out without paying salary if u guys want i cant give there names and numbers.Almost 100’s of translators are not paid…I have all the inside information about the company…If any of u want any information u can contact me…There are many cases of fraud running in court against him.i will put the reference cases with all the details in the coming days..The time has come when we can teach him a lesson….I know few of the people in different companies who became good frnds while working together.Some of the translators also became good frnds.What we cam do is we can inform different companies,Mnc’s by writing a mail with all of your references so that he can be taught a lesson..because like u all i worked there for quite a long people give the details of the project for which u worked with him i will give you the name of the company and the contact person…you people can directly contact that if u lost money he will lost his client…I left the job in Nov and since than he didnot pay me and when i asked for my payment after 7 months he said he will not pay me.I have many more things to disclose but may be in the next complain……He is cheating people in this business and starting other business also…i will definitely help u guys in every possible way.we will contact all the companies he has worked with…….

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  1. 8 years ago

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