Salary Not issued for more than 15 employees for the past 2 years

OSB News is a media company claimed as licensed news channel and they have got satellite rights. The company’s Managing Director Mr.Vijayanand recruited more than 15 employees and also made a scam that he is gonna recruit more than 25000 reporters and boasted like its gonna be a big hit soon that no news channel would ever done. As said he started employing reporters and issued them appointment letter and ID cards. Meanwhile the rest 15 plus employees salary was not issues for the past one and half years and the count differs for each employees as they joined the company in different intervals of time. None of the things provided and they keep on promising that they will issue the salary soon in order to make the employees stay and making false financial statement using his own auditor. Also some resource define that he got two partners who invested for this business. One is in the name of Natraj and other is in the name of Selva sabari. There were no clear updates given to both the partners as of what was the real scenario going inside the company. Hiding everything , he keeps on rolling out the same lies that he will settle soon. So all the employees decided to file the complaint. We have ID cards and offer letters provided by him. In addition Mr.Vijayanand claims that he owns a press named Legal today. But according to the news driven from different resource, the press named legal today was in the name of Thangaraj. Not Vijayanand. So we request you to list this company as scammer. We even hold every personal info about the managing director. He was a former solicitor / advocate who got sacked from bar council for involving in fraudulent activities. He started his activities again by recruiting more employees for his own benefits. Please take necessary action as we need him to settle down the money for all the employees who was suffering from his fake promises. The office is located in Vadavalli, coimbatore. Official website where they claim their business as legit is and Recent news is he is gonna start a political party in order to roll out more money illegally.

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