Sad customer

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: LG

Just though to express my dissatisfaction on LG TV. I have purchased a LG LE 5500 one year ago and stopped working within a year, I approached customer service desk for help. They kindly scheduled an appointment and technician visited my home and confirmed me that panel should be replaced and the wait period give to me one week

After one week I approached help desk to check the status on my issue, they were very glad to inform that panel is no longer available, They offered me a replacement and i rejected the replacement as it didn’t come with so features. So i requested for a refund and they were happy to offer it.

They said that i’d be receiving the cheque very soon. Now they say that it’s going be delivered on Next monday. As they offered a refund i purchased a new TV. Now i have to clear the dues and no money. By the time I en cash the cheque my bank will charge me the interest.

Now the question is who will pay the interest. Please don’t expect me to pay the interest, because the problem is from your end and I too did a mistake by choosing the wrong product.

Please excuse me for choosing the wrong product and do me the needful.

If this is not the right escalation, please forward my concern to the nigher authorities.

My mobile number: 9703326660


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