Sachin Sangal is certificate seller and fraud

Sachin Sangal runs a fraud institute name is Neptune Institute of Management and Technology (NIMT) head office is in Delhi and branches Goa, Himachal, Sikkim and Hyderabad.If anyone need a education certificate they can contact Sachin Sangal he sale all types of certificates, candidate get certificate without writing examination for previous year or present year and kept fixed rates for all types of certificates.

He says that he is educated person and son of ex-IAS officer “Arun Sangal” if so then how he is doing all this fraud work.

He can give you any type of educational certificate SSC, Inter, Diploma, Degree, D. Pharma, B. Pharma, B. Ed, B. Tech as a regular student without any examination, as per my knowledge I saw with my own eyes he gave through a University name (Sunrise University, Alwar) candidate name Polanki Papa Rao paid amount and he got certificate of Diploma in Electrical from Sunrise University.
I worked in Neptune Institute of Management and Technology, Hyderabad branch, worked for 5 to 8 months and I got salary only Rs. 15,000/- never pay salaries in time or else no salary at all, I had worked for 8 months and got salary for only one month, if I ask salary he say that GST problem, no students I wont give you salary, bring students then salary, when I gave students worked hard for so many months but result no salary. I ask so many times to Amit sir and Tulasi akka they only telling me talk with Sachin and let you know, they are big chamchas of Sachin Sangal, one more big and permanent chamcha Apurva from Goa, there are other two employees (Bhargavi) and (Renukama) any one can ask them about Sachin Sangal, how they suffer for salary, if we ask he only say that have to speak with head office with R S Kedian later informs us that Kedian said no salary. Sachin Sangal go in flight and come in flight but at the time of salary he say no money. Sachin Sangal told that he can place any candidate in pharma company and I gave him candidates ( Ambar singh, ayyappa, Shankar, polaraju, sai teja, devi, jayasree) they paid money to Amit sir, he sent money to Sachin Sangal and he played games used their money for 6 months and I fight about this then he gave money back, he is a big fraud and lier every time false commitment.

My friend from Aurobindo pharmacy he telling me a breaking news about Sachin Sangal’s certificate, one student name (G Shiva Kumar) who buyed certificate from Sachin, gone for interview and he got caught by one of the HR (Mr. Ramesh Rudraraju), G Shiva Kumar tell everything that he had buyed this certificate from Sachin Sangal’s Shadnagar branch, after this issue Neptune Institute of Management and Technology certificates are not accepting by any pharma companies at Jadcherla .

DON’T BELIEVE SACHIN SANGAL his phone number is 9971276262

My request to police and court to take action on Sachin sangal because he is fraud and spoiled the education system.

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