Rto agent fraud

I approached the rto agent mentioned above at the old indiranagar rto and asked if he could get 3 International driver permits made for us as we were travelling to Italy. He said it would be done in a day and charged me 12000 for the same. Eventually after 6 days he made the IDL for the wrong country and gave only 1 booklet and 2 printed papers claiming the books were not in stock at the rto.
He further started fighting when I told him he had wasted the money as this document was useless to me. Instead of accepting the mistake and trying to rectify both brothers who run this racket just started shouting as they knew they had messed up.
The names are sohail and sadiq sharif who run the sharif tours and travels.
Further they insist on cash payments and give no receipts for payments.
I request the concerned authority to close down these scam companies who cheat the common public and they are doing it as the rto officials are involved in this and make every procedure long and tedious even though its supposed to be digital.
Please save consumers from such people if infact India has to change.

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