royal entry – worst exit

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: Multiplex theatres

sir, it is a very common practice in Multiplex theaters that they play number of shows in a day without any gap between shows.
i went to the theatre CINEMAX at hyderabad on 10th july 2012 at 10 am show along with family. the show started at 10 am sharp and the entry was royal entry. however after the show is over we are asked to go out from the doors next to the screen which made us to walk down, as there is no lift to come down. Lots of old persons were finding it difficult to walk. worst part is that we are asked to walk through narrow paths besides TOILETS….how cruel it is. there is no one to complain as the security said managers are not available.
The PARKING is another problem. the cellar parking is worst and there is no lift from there to reach the hall.. we have to come out of cellar by foot and than go to theater. The permission to play more shows ( max 4 only a day ) should be introduced. or permission to only 2 screening halls should be allowed cancelling the rest, so that PRAKING PROBLEM can be solved….

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