Rotten Smell in Geyser

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Shakers Electric Water heter

I recently brought a Shakers Geyser from RAIPUR ELECTRONICS at their recommendation on 14th of February, 2012 The Water heater produced a rotten smell, thus, it was not possible to use that water When we complained about the smell at Raipur Electronics, they replaced the geyser After a few days, there was again a rotten smell again complaining about that, the person-in-charge reached our house on 3rd MAY 2012 and is saying that he will come the next day with assistance and take the GEYSER with them In my building,everyone is using a geyser, nobody is having a smell in the water even in our last geyser (which we used 15 years), we never had this complaint

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