roomcooler malfunctioning

Location/place: Barasat, Calcutta

Name of company/service: USHA

this is about the poor quality of materials and service provided by this so called reputed company.
i bought a room cooler on #!st May,2011. after 2 months of use the motor got burned. unfortunately i could not locate the warranty card at that time so i booked a complain later on in March 14th,2012. the technician came and took away the motor after 4days. thereafter our problem started. there was no communication from the service center and we had to make several calls almost every alternate day to get it repaired. I also personaly visited the service center. everytime they made false promises to deliver it in next day. finally it was returned to us after 1month and 2days. even a local made cooler would take few hours to do that. the moment it was delivered, smell of something burning inside came out as we switch it on. we pointed it but the technician did not bother. afeter 2-3 days the cooler started to get heated whenever we used it for more than 30min, the regulator was not functioning, speed of the fan dropped and the burning smell became all the more prominent. again we lodged complain , technician came and go without doing anything. we r still waiting in this hot summer to get it repaired.

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