Ridiculous Service on a new handset

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.

New Nokia C5 05 purchased from Nokia Priority Partner at Chakraberia, Kolkata on 14.05.2012.

Touchpad found to be defunct and deposited the same with the same dealer on 31.05.2012.

Request / Complaint lodged vide e-mail to [email protected] and over phone with Nokia Care for replacing the handset with a new one.

Its been 14 days since the phone has gone for repairing. Neither they are replacing the phone, nor repairing it.

This is the fate of a brand new phone bought from Nokia.

No wonder people are not buying Nokia anymore. Ridiculous service! People should be aware. Even local (Chinese) handset dealers provide better service.

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