Return my TV part

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Sansui / Service Deligth

We had bought a Sansui TV (Model – 291 Slimex) on 20th March 07. Last month TV went off all of a sudden and hence we requested a complaint with Service Delight. Service Delight is an authorized service center for Brands like Sansui, Videocon, Electrolux, Kenstar etc. We logged a complaint with them on 14th July 12 and their representative (Mr Yadav) attended the call on 17th July. He detected a problem in an internal part and hence had to take it back to Service Center for replace/repair. He promised to get back to us within 4 days however they never contacted us. Every time we call them, we get a response that the part is not available hence taking time however they never updated us on the status proactively. After a week Mr Yadav said he doesn’t have any update on our complaint and asked us to contact call center. We contacted the call center and they just keep on saying that they have escalated the call but no help. I contacted them last week and have asked them to return the part and we don’t want to repair with them however they are not even returning the part. They say that our problem is with Service center hence they can’t help us. We have asked for a contact number of Service Center. They provide the number of Rajesh Dave (9920807601) who is the in-charge of service center however his number is always switched off.

We are not getting any resolution or help from anywhere. We DO NOT even want to get our TV repaired with them; just need our TV part back. Would really appreciate if someone can look into this issue and help us with a resolution.

Details of Service Delight –
Helpline No – 1800 419 4040 / 1800 881 4040
First Complaint No on 14th July – THA1407120754
Second Complaint No on 8th Aug – THA0808120084
Complaint logged in the name of my Father – Rameshwar Balduwa. Contact No – 9870445080

Looking for a positive response!


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