Retailer seeking price higher than MRP

Location/place: Subhash Nagar

Name of company/service: Van Heusan

I have visited to Van Heusan Store in Pacific Mall Subhash Nagar on Saturday evening with few of my friends for Shoping. There I liked my Black Leather Jacket
Bar Code-8903687011395
Style – DE0066
Maximum Retail Price -3000
And at that point of time 50% discount is running over the jacket ,as communicated by one of their present in the store ,also it is written on the wall from where i have picked up the jacket .
.But when i went to cashier desk to get that jacket billed, the cashier said Sir, your billing amount is 2750 . I was surprised over the same and asked him -When the Maximum retail price of the jacket is Rs3000 and there is 50% discount on it , then the last price should be Rs1500 . And you are asking me for Rs 2750 why is it So ? The Cashier replied Sir the price of the jacket is Rs5499 and after 50% discount is will cost you Rs 2750 . I replied boss when the MRP sticker is for Rs 3000 than how and why should I pay according to Rs5499 . The store Manager of Van Heusan replied sir you have to pay Rs 2750 for this , otherwise we will not bill this jacket to you and you can do whatever you want .Over this I called 100 (Delhi Police) number for help.I have been harassed by the store manager saying
1. we will bill this jacket to you and you can do whatever you want
2. Sir i should say dont buy this jacket.
They insulted me like this in the store and they are going to decide whether a consumer should buy or not.
I dont understand that how can they denied to a consumer decision to buy a product placed in a saleable condition in the store and ask for price higher than the MRP of the Product.

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