Reqested for change of my name in bank account


Name of company/service: INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK

i account holder in Indian overseas bank(IOB)located at ramachandrapuram, medak branch code 2176. i have requested for the change of my name in account with giving all the proofs required, but the manger ANTONY has not accepted my request by saying the reason it cant be done and by also saying please don`t ask me another question and he said me to close my account and open another account just for a simple name change it has been repeated with me second time. (when my debit card got missed i have lodged the complaint by saying please block my ATM card and issue another ATM card, bank manager is advised to open another account just for a duplicate ATM, this is how INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK working with their customer relation.)because of the non co operation of the bank manager i have missed an opportunity of applying PASSPORT and even i missed an opportunity to work with international aviation.i request you to please take an action on the above mentioned bank and help me out with the issue.

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