Replacement Requested

Dear All,

This is regarding the problem in my A/C unit which is clearly mentioned in the trail mail.

For your ready reference note down the job ID no.: R040818659123

Regret to note that there is lot of discrepancies in the remedy processes given by your technicians and your service team. Attaching here with the first note saying that the cost of rectifying the problems is Rs.3,068/-. After escalating this issue in mail and in social media, your Area Service Manager, Mr.Sathish said that the cost is Rs.8,215/- (the proof is attached with this mail).

Two statements for the same issue can not be true. Either one of them should be false. Why your people are giving false statements?

Also it was mentioned by your people even after rectifying the problem now, again after a period of 1 to 1 and half year the problem will araise.

This is clearly understood that the unit sold to me is manufacturing defect piece which is to be replaced.

If the unit is not replaced within 3 to 4 working days from this mail date, I will definitely move with all the proof I have to consumer court and social media.

If you want maintain your brand reputation and goodwill do the replacement of unit with guarantee immediately without prolonging the issue any more.

Awaiting your person with new unit for replacement.

KIND ATTENTION :: Mr.Manish Sharma

Kindly intervene in this issue and close it immediately.

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