Replacement of w/AC & warranty card

Location/place: PUNE/KHARADI

Name of company/service: e CARE

I purchased one KORYO w/AC frOM Big Bazaar, Kalyani nagar,pune on 13.4.12 and inst on 17.4.12 but neither warranty card nor

instalation memo provided to me. Till then I am compplaing for warranty card,installation memo & very poor cooling effects.

3 times visited SERVICE ENGINEERS and 2 times declared def and willbe replaced within 3/4 days but 3rd times again visited

and dec OK. Installation memo provided me on 30.5.12 NO 3016 dtd 29.5.12 where as inst on 17.4.12 without anyINVOICE NO ,

REG NO, STAMP & AUTHORISATION OF KORYO . I am complaing to Cus ser of koryo,Big bazaar and local authority and spend a lot

for tel bill & conveyance charge to visit. Plsdo needful for proper documents & replacement

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