Replacement of faulty material

Location/place: Durgapur, West Bengal

Name of company/service: Naaptol

Dear sir/ madam,

I purchased an Induction cooker ( order no-3108369) from Naaptol through online shopping . After 3/4 months it got faulty and was not working ( It was under warranty). As per their advice I sent the material through Flyking curier service for replacement but surprisingly it was found that there was no office at the Mumbai address( Quantium Solutions
Shop No 15, h. no. 4,
Anand Nagar, C S Road 1,
Opp Labh Darshan, Dahisar,
Mumbai 400068.) where they had advice to sent the material. I have not got back the material yet and curier service is claiming new charge to get back the material.
Now Naaptol given me new address and telling to send the material again for replacement of the faulty one.
It is very unfortunate that without any fault from my side I am getting harassment and wasting my money.

Please help me to get the replacement of the faulty material.

And please read the below mailing conversation in between Naaptol and me for your kind information.

On 06.06.12 from Naaptol

Dear Mr.Samui,

Thank you for writing to Naaptol.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.
We are sorry to note that the item that you have purchased through the order no – 3108369 is not working properly. This is a very rare and unfortunate case and we apologize for the same.

We request you to kindly send the item back to our warehouse within 7 working days mentioning the order number on the packet.

* Items are to be returned with all accessories and original packaging.
* Careful attention is to be given with the packing of the product to avoid damage during transit.

Kindly do note- the above two points are to be strictly adhered to so that we may process with a replacement.

We would request you visit your nearest courier office and send the whole product to the below mentioned address:

Quantium Solutions
Shop No 15, h. no. 4,
Anand Nagar, C S Road 1,
Opp Labh Darshan, Dahisar,
Mumbai 400068.

On the back cover of packing request you to add your name and complete address, along with Naaptol order no [3108369] and your mobile/ landline no for easy identification and further processing.

Please put the copy of print label/ invoice/delivery challan received by you (copy) inside the box along with a note stating the details of defect.

Kindly write us back with the AWB # after sending the product.

It would take 2-3 working days for the product to reach us, & once the product reaches us we would dispatched the replacement and a same would be couriered to you within 10-15 working days.

Request your patience in the interim.


Jayshree K.

—– Original Message —–
From: “Amit Samui”
Sent: 03/06/2012 04:41 PM
Subject: Re: When Complaint Is Registered

> Dear sir,
> I purchased an Electric Induction Cooking Stove from Naaptol almost 6
> months before, Order no-3108369. But now it is not in working
> condition. There is some problem inside the cooker.
> I am facing problem. Please do the needful to repaire/replace it as
> early as possible.
> Thanking you,
> Regard.
> Amit Kumar Samui

On 09.06.12 from me

Dear sir,

I have sent the faulty item (Induction Cooking Stove) of order
no-3108369 on 08.06.12 by FLYKING courier service.

C. No.-38630859 (AWB), Date-8/06/12

Please replace/ refund for the item as early as possible.

Thanking you,


Amit Kumar Samui
Mob. No.-08509069456

On 20.06.12

Dear Sir,
Please give me the status about the faulty material ( Order
no-3108369) sent to you on 8.6.12 by the FLYKING courier service C.
No.- 38630859 dated 08.06.12 .

I have not received the good one yet. When will I get the replaced item?

Please reply me.

Thanking you

Amit Kumar Samui

On 20.06.12 from Naaptol

Dear Mr.Amit,

Thank you for writing to Naaptol

Please be informed it takes 2-3 working days for our warehouse systems to be updated with your AWB & order details.

Please be rest assured once a confirmation is received from them, we would dispatched the replacement and a same would be couriered to you within 10-15 working days.

Appreciate your patience in the interim.

Thanks and Regards,

Kavita M

On 27.06.12 from me

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Have you sent the replacement of the faulty material, order no- 3108369 ?

Please send me the details.

Thanking you,

Amit Kumar Samui

On 01.07.12 from me

Dear sir,

I came to know from Flyking courier service that the faulty material
(Order no- 3108369), which I sent for replacement to the address( )
you had mentioned in the mail on 06.06.12, have not received by you as
your office shifted to another location.

I am very surprise and frustrated to see this type of irresponsibility
and negligence from your side.

Please tell me how it is possible and do the needful to repair or
replace the material without wasting my money and time more.

Thanking you,

Amit Kumar Samui

On 09.07.12 from me

Dear sir/ madam,

I have not received my Induction cooker (order no-3108369) yet which I
had sent for replacement to your Mumbai address by Flyking Currier
service. Now they are telling that I have to pay the return back
Currier charge for the same as your office/ shop was not there. I am
getting harassment due to your fault.

I won’t pay any charge for the damn material as there is no fault from
my side and I demand the total amount I have paid to you for purchase
the material and paid to currier for sending the material for
replacement ( Approx Rs. 4000/-). Or you send a new induction cooker
to my below mentioned address.

If you don’t take any action I will write to the Consumer Forum about
your irresponsible and bad service and about my harassment.

My address is

Amit Kumar Samui
C/o- Ashok Guha Roy
P-14, Sufala Cooperative,
Malkosh Sarani, Sec-2C,
Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur-713212 (W.B)

Thanking you.

Amit Kumar Samui ))))

Thanking you,


Amit Kumar Samui

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