Replacement as they are asking to Open my Engine

Location/place: Vadodara

Name of company/service: Royal Enfield

I am Pinak Vakil, a proud owner of Royal Enfield Classic 350, but not any more proud as i am facing consistent problems with my bike and the Royal Rhino Inc., the dealer in Vadodara is inefficient to resolve the problems and are not at all customer friendly.

I bought my bike on 31st August, 2011, since then i have some or other problem with my bike. The below mail will give my grievances against the company. Now they are asking to open my engine and do some repairs. I cant understand that as they are not even sharing the issues with my bike in writing and are sounding dubious. I demand a replacement kindly guide me on the same.

Below is the mail send to them on March 24, 2012. on which there was no resolved reply and still facing same problem.
I take a pride in owning a Royal Enfield Classic 350 but I regret of purchasing it from dealer like Royal Rhino INC and giving my bike for service at their workshop as no other registered alternative is available in Vadodara.

Reference: Frame No: ME303S5C0BG082645

Model: Classic 350 Silver color

I have 3 free service as of now and don’t intend to have the last free service from the said service center. The people there as well as the owner do not have any intention or inclination to serve the customer and satisfy their queries. I suggest that they need to be trained to talk with the customer, as they are highly arrogant and disrespectful towards the customers.

Following are the reasons –

1. Every time I collected my bike from the workshop there was some or the other problem with my bike, engine noise, kick not getting complete and they don’t have any concrete explanation for the same.

2. They have very few mechanics and their supervisor has no inclination to serve customer necessity and satisfy the customers.

3. On 5 occasion they ask me to come back as they were out of engine oil.

4. They wrote my mobile number but never had courtesy to call back.

5. Last service, they said that the battery is supposed to be replaced and I did the entire procedure to replace the battery which was suppose to be done at their end. I agreed to do so as I was not willing to keep my bike under their custody.

6. In the last service they say that we don’t have sufficient stock of engine oil to serve all the bike. Hence, I ask them not to change my engine oil. I asked them about me bringing the engine oil, they agreed and promised to change the oil. But when I went today they refused to do the same as they were not willing to do it as they have other bikes to serve.

7. I have complain several time about the “orange peel off” condition of the speedometer but there is no revert. Even have complained about the rear handle peeled off black color but no revert.

8. Last but not the least the owner seems to be some kind of “hooligan” who believes that he can dominate customers without listening to their complains.

I kindly urge you to take necessary action and give me a positive feedback.

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