repeated balance amount deduction

Location/place: agra

Name of company/service: tata docomo

this is my fourth balance deduction from my account balance and i’m irritated now from tata docomo for services which i did not subscribed any time . they now deducted my Rs 30 amount and in future i don’t want any other services except for calling and internet surfing facility .this deduction was on 6 feb and between 8 feb . Yesterday on 12 feb 2013 also they deducted RS 14.80 for my 890 second which is not according to my plans , they are deducting this kind of amount many a times which i did not noticed and many customer also don’t notice it ,the thing i have leaned now using this mobile services that these company are becoming thief and earning huge money in this way and i have also learned that these companies make such target to activate services in their many customer which customer did not notice and if some notice it they only refund their money after lot of action ,for example if they put services on 100 customers hardly 10 will notice this and only 5 will ask for their refund and hardly 3 or 4 get their refunds . so , i’m requesting to take serious actions against them and for their fraud earnings this time .

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