repair of toshiba lcd tv

Location/place: visakhapatnam

Name of company/service: toshiba

i have purchased one toshiba lcd tv from sono vision, visakhapatnam on 20 mar 12.within two months of purchase the tv started giving problem and untimately by 04 jun 12 there was no picture on the tv, only sound is coming. i registered a complain 0n 05 jun 12 with toshiba customer service. my complain no is 060512-79. the customer service said that within 48 hours the service engineer will reach to my place. the service engineer actually reached me after 72 hours and that too after several phone call. he declared that a panel in my tv has gone bad and it is required to be replaced. i called the customer care asking them how much time would it take to replace the panel, they said max 15 days from the time of registering complain it will be repaired. but alas 15 days has already gone but they are still waiting for the panel to reach. i called up customer support again on 19 jun 12, they said it will take another 2-3 days to reach the panel.i am quite frustrated amd amused to know that a company like toshiba requires more than 15 days to deliver one panel. i dont know with the technological innovation they are planning to set up one factory in moon/mars to manufature the panel and fit into my tv.surely toshiba “LEADING INNOVATION – CHEATING INNOCENT CUSTOMERS”. one point is also worth mentioning that toshiba service engineer never carries service report book with him.

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