Repair of Dryer Timer of a Whirlpool Washing Machine

Location/place: Agartala, Tripura

Name of company/service: Whirlpool of India Limited

I have purchased one Whirlpool washing machine i.e. Model no. SPIN 601 on dated 01.06.2012 from their dealer Giriraj Furniture. From first day, the dryer timer is not working. I have complained directly to dealer, they have lodged a complaint which no. is GW0612000281 and one day one person has come but he was unable to repair and told that he has given requirements to their Whirlpool,Guwahati Office. He has also promised that it will be completed within maximum 10 days. After non-responsive nature for repair, again I have intimated to dealer’s employee Mr. Bikash and he has approached to Whirlpool Company person & intimated to me that problem will be solved within two to three days. Again, I have seen that no Whirlpool person has come to repair the whirlpool washing machine. Lastly, I have gone to dealer’s person on 11.07.2012 and asked him. He has approached to Whirlpool company’s employee Mr Animesh and asked him about repair. I have also talked with him and asked upto which time matter will be resolved? But, his answer was try to solve at earliest. After that, I have asked him about complete time in solution because the problem could not be solved within about one and half month. He has told me that his engineer will talk with me on 11.07.2012. But, no one has contacted to me.I am not getting their interest to repair the purchased washing machine. Due to non-availability in good condition of dryer timer, my family is feeling uncomfortable and various times, we are unable to use the washing machine due to fear of cloth damage.
Please look into the matter and action is to be taken due to which I and my family can feel better. It is also neccessary to take action because no another person will be sufferer in future due to their non-responsive nature.

Thanking you

Dhruv Kumar

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