Reliance Internet not working

Location/place: nashik

Name of company/service: reliance communications

hi, i have a reliance internet broadnet connection since 3 months. in these 3 months the connection wasn’t working for several days in every month. say all together if i add the number of days it wasn’t working, then it totals up to 20-25 days. i registered several complains since the beginning.
but this month it reached its limit. my connection isn’t working since 14th June until today. when i personally went in the reliance communication office, there Mr. Bhagwat told me to better terminate the connection because they said that reliance doesn’t pay even there vendors to work so they are on strike. so they cannot help me fix the problem. now the thing is i have paid 600 rupees for the connection installation, now if i buy another connection again i have to pay them their particular installation charges again. my fight with them is just to refund my installation charges because it was useless for me to pay 600 rs for just 2 months of internet use out of the whole 3 months of connection due to their error. i need an advice to approach the consumer court. because reliance is the worst service provider for me at least. i have left them doing nothing since my several other connections issues with reliance, but this time i want to drag them to the court.

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