RELIANCE GSM Value added Services

Location/place: Trivandum

Name of company/service: Reliance GSM

I am using Reliance GSM network (Mobile No. 8590623267) in Kerala since May 2012. Reliance GSM has been subscribing me with value added services and deducting money from my account without my prior consent and knowledge.
Due to this on several occasions i have to through great inconveniences like running out of balance when i am on roaming, while i am on important calls and in case of emergency at nite when i have to make a important call i am out of balance.
I have complained to reliance customer care on 198 around 5 times. Every time they assure me that this will not happen again and waive off my service and refund the amount back.
Last time around the customer care representative informed me that the senior management is looking into my matter.
Today at 8:47 am they subscribed a service worth Rs 30 and the next second they waived it off but still haven’t made any refund to my account as yet.
This unprofessional and irresponsible behavior and mismanagement by Reliance GSM cannot be ignored any more.
I demand compensation for my inconveniences caused by Reliance GSM time and time again and overlooking my complaints.

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