Reliance communication’s unexpected and cheap behavior

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Connection deactivated in between due to wrong reasons

compalint nos :182721778 and182834767
I got the Reliance broadband connection on 12th June after paying full amount on 8th June(for which I got the receipt also). I got the connection and used that for two weeks after which I went out of station for a week. When I returned I connection was deactivated. I called customer care and they said payment is not done where as they know the payment is done in advance. They told me that due to system failure that is not reflecting to their system and will be resolved within 24 hrs. After 24 hours they again said that please call your agent. I called him and he said that I paid them already , please call customer care. I again called them up and they took his no. and then told me this is billing department issue and we again created a complaint and will be resolved in 72 hours. Whenever I call them they are telling that they are taking this on priority and they can’t do anything since this is billing department issue. The thing is that why should a consumer suffer because of their system problem. I am not having the connection and my daily work has stopped because of their problem. Who will pay for that. I went for reliance because of their brand name but that was my mistake. I even mailed a no which I found on their website which was some president’s no but still there is no response. Really disappointed.

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