Reliance CDMA Mobile Service Disconnect

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Reliance CDMA

My Mobile number 9341471459 which was active since last 4 years 8 months was stopped functioning without notification. I was not able to send and receive calls. On further enquiry i was asked to re-submit (my earlier application no. submitted was 9974473891) the documents to the nearest center, which is in CMH Road.
New application was submitted on 21st May and the number is 9978382525. Even after submission and assurance that it would be reactivated on Monday i.e. 23rd My 2011 , i have received no response , the nodal officer/Customer care & CMH web world executives are not at all bothered to respond back to my queries.As a last resort i am filing this complain , may be this helps.

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