Reliance Broadband service continuous outage since January 2013. Slow speed, packet loss, fraud and harassment.

Location/place: Wadgaon Sheri, Nagar Road, Pune – 411012

Name of company/service: Reliance Communication (Broadband)

I am subscriber of Reliance Broadband services from last 2 years, I am from Pune and my subscriber ID is 374548621446. I am subscribed to ‘Night Zoom’ plan which is supposed to give me 1 MBPS plan in day time and 2 MBPS at night.

Since Januray 2013 I am facing constant and rampant down time, its pathetically slow when its up, cant even browse Whenever I complain over their customer care number they refuse to take down a complain stating that its a nationwide outage and would get fixed by 12 midnight or tomorrow or by 2 days 3 days etc, needless to say these are fake and false promises.

I’ve been constantly complaining over phone, but they’re just not interested in even taking down a complain, forget about resolving my issues. They’re constantly extending the deadline since February 2013. This issue was supposed to be resolved by 30th March. Now they’re saying that it’ll be resolved by 20th April.

The internet service first was down in mid Jan, which resumed after a few days. It went down in month of Feb 2013 and this time I got a resolution date of 1st week of March. Needless to say it never happened so. It worked for a week and then again down. This time I got a date of early April. I tried to lodge a complain this time and the representatiove simply refused to take so, when asked to forward it to his senior he simply hung-up! Its still not up and this time I managed to get a complain lodged with ID 201567996 (16/04/2013) and a resolution date of 20th April.

I’m getting 50 Kbps (Kilo bits per second) speed on my so-called 1 Mbps connection. There’s 40%-50% packet loss all the time. Due to this, I’m unable to talk with or video call. All the pages with HTTPS practically dont open up. All real-time apps such as screen sharing have stopped working thanks to the terrible connection quality provided by Reliance broadband.

Not getting any credible response from the customer care team I started a mail converation with thme from end Feb. 1st I mailed the general complain ID ‘[email protected]’, needless to say I got the same mechanical response of getting it fixed in a few days. Then I started forwarding the mails to the ‘Appellate authority’ Mr. Gandhi, and again he just sheds off his responsibility by forwardig the mail to his ‘team’ asking it to look into the issue. Such a joke. Finally I mailed the ‘President Customer Care’ at [email protected] Its 3 days now, I am still to get any reply form them. Interestingly I dont even get an auto-reply for this particular mail, but I cheked if I send any other mail to the Pesident I recieve an auto-reply within moments!
One more thing, when I ask them in mail to disconnect my connection , they simply refuse to do so and asks me to say with them for some more time till they fix it.

Reliance broadband is also violating two TRAI regulations:

1) According to a TRAI regulation, packet loss should be less than 1%, but I’m experiencing 40%-50% packet loss (that too since last 2+ months). Check attached screenshot for proof.
2) As per the regulation on “Quality of Service standards for broadband services” issued by TRAI on 6th May 2006, a subscriber should get minimum 80% of the subscribed broadband connection speed from ISP node to user. I’m getting 50 Kbps speed on my 1 Mbps tariff plan and even on the 4 Mbps one since last 2+ months.

Essentially, I’ve paid Rs. 3,600/- during the last three months for 50 Kbps speed when in reality I was promised 4 Mbps speed. I want a rental waiver of these 3 months [17/01/2013 to 17/04/2013] and I also want my connection to be fixed asap.

I have all the mail conversation retained.

I want to draw the attention of Dept. of Telecommunication to this issue which is affecting, I believe, all the Reliance broadband customers in Pune, or may be in the entire Maharashtra or even India. Also, I want to lodge a formal complain to Govt. of India for this fraudulent service provided by Reliance.

Shubhayu Datta

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