Reliance Broadband Pathetic Support Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Reliance Broadband Plus


We applied for a reliance new broadband connection on 4th november 2012 in Reliance World, 5A,Competent House, Jagatpuri Chowk, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi.

After that day we have been to the shop more than 5 times and called to the customer care more than 7 times.
Still the connection has not been activated.

The shop people tell its a problem with the call centre guys and call centre blame it on the shop people.

Nobody knows the exact process to follow to get the problem resolved.
Its becoming really frustrated!!!! right now as more than 15 days has gone.

Today I called the ciustomer care again and they again???? told me to go to the reliance world, reason being data has not been uploaded ???? . wht the f it is.
This is the same thing which has already been repeated ????.

I am really been frustrated right now and never faced such a poor and pathetic service providers before and will never face too.

Can anyone resolve this problem.

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