Reliance Broad band services

Location/place: Chennai

Dear sir:

I, am Dr. Sathish Kumar, Ayanavaram, chennai – 23. I ve been a customer of reliance broadband services and i ve been using it for few months sir, on june 10th 2012 the wireline connecting to my home for broadband services had cut and i ve complained to Reliance customer care sir and i was awaiting it to be solved, and after few days when i contacted again they said its been resolved, but no one has came and solved the problem sir.

And its been more than a month sir, and ive been complaining again and again, they are updating its been resolved without fixing the problem, and when i brought this to applete authourity and customer care they said im elligible for the weiver service and they ve asked the timeline since its not been functioning, but a recent mail had come to me stating that my problems have been resolved within the time frame and hence ur weiver service has been rejected.

I asked them for a doubt stating that should i pay the bill, just because i ve been registered as a customer in reliance, even if there is no wireline and no connection. nut there is no reponse from their side sir.

Im willing to pay th bill even if there is no connection if they are willing to fix the wireline sir.

i ve been constantly trying to fix my problems sir. but there is no proper response sir. Do take needful action

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