Relaince-Unfair deduction of money.

Location/place: Rourkela

Name of company/service: Relaince

I use two Relaince GSM SIM.My complain is that ,Whenever i try to recharge my mobile,they deduct all amount from it and my balance always remains in single digit.Like,If I recharge with Rs100/- next morning my balance would be Rs4/-.It has not happened once, but every single time it happens, on both my Relaince SIMs .This time I got totally got disappointed when i recharged with Rs30/- After some hours my balance came down from Rs24 to Rs 4/-.Moreover,I haven’t subscribed to any value-added service.I’m Using Relaince merely because they give good 3G service and because of this I recharge only with 3G packs,otherwise I w’ld have thrown it into dustbin long before.I don’t how much money I have lost in these type of wrongful deductions.Is this how the companies earning through their costumers?

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