Reimbursement of claim for Policy No. 272400/48/2010/4544 (for Nitin Gupta,Son) (The Oriental Insurance Company Limited)

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Vipul MedCorp TPA Private Limited

It is submitted that i have continue policy from 2007 to till date of with continuation and i had submitted copy of policies to the company TPA but no reply has been received till date, it is also intimated that i had started medicailm policy from United India Insurance Co. Ltd. and shifted my policy after 3 year from United India to The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. with Happy family floater Policy Scheme and give also submitted my papers and information to the company as per their requirement and i am also continue till date, they are making excuses to denied the claim as they have already give the formal approval / Authorisation during the admission in Hospital if this policy was not payable then they can refuse at the time of admission in hospital not after the three months of submission of claim. it shows the cheating with the consumer and they have promised during shifting from other TPA company to Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. to give all the benefits since 2007 to till date and considered continue from 2007.

with regard,

Suresh Kumar Gupta
H.No. 997, Sector-9,
Mob – 09873809797

Reimbursement of MediClaim – Suresh Kumar Gupta.jpg (948 KB)

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